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Custom Air Handling Unit

ALT40, ALT50

ALTER Modular Air Handling Units.
Customised design for cleanroom environment.
Frameless construction to reduce risk of condensation.
Double skin construction with panel insulation.
Eurovent certified performance.

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  • JA Redden Pte. Ltd.
  • JA Redden Pte. Ltd.

Fully customised Air Handling Units for large airflows of up to 142,800 m3/h, with flexibility in configuration & material.

  • Frameless design to eliminate cold bridge and minimise risk of condensation in high humidity regions.
  • Double-skin insulated panel with polyurethane injected foam.
  • Casing panel material of high grade galvanised steel or stainless steel to suit your application.
  • Options of belt-driven or plug fans with IE3 efficiency or electronically commutated motor (EC motor).
  • Eurovent Test Report.
Characteristics Class DIN EN 1886:2009
Thermal Transmittance T2
Thermal Bridging of casing TB2
Mechanical Strength of casing D1 (M)
Casing Air Leakage L1(M)/-400 Pa, L1(M)/+700 Pa
Filter Bypass Leakage F9

ALTER Air Handling Units.
Airflow from 3,000 to 72,000 m³/h.
Can be designed for higher airflow up to 142,800 m³/h.
Fully customised to comply with your stringent specification and adapt to your space limitation.
Delivered in modules to be assembled at site.

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