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EC Centrifugal Fan


Sodeca Centrifugal Fans with EC Technology motor.
Single inlet medium pressure fans.
Direct drive motor with forward curved impeller.
IE5 motor with integrated electronics, specially designed for high energy efficiency.
EC Control can be supplied as an optional accessory.

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  • JA Redden Pte. Ltd.


  • Sheet steel casing.
  • Forward curved impeller in extremely robust sheet steel.
  • Maximum temperature of air to be carried: -25 ºC +120 ºC.


  • High efficiency EC Technology motors with integrated electronics, regulated by 0-10 V or 4-20 mA.
  • IE5 efficiency motors, class F and IP55 protection.
  • Single-phase 230 V 50/60 Hz.
  • Working temperature: -25 ºC +60 ºC.


Supplied as an optional accessory. Control panel for ventilation systems with EC Technology motors with the electronics integrated in the motor itself. With the following characteristics:

  • CPC: Constant pressure control.
  • CFC: Constant flow control.
  • DAY/NIGHT: Double pressure setpoint adjustment according to time of day.
  • External sensor: Compatible with temperature, humidity, air quality or CO sensor.
  • Equipment preconfigured in constant pressure mode with 100 Pa set point.


  • Anti-corrosive finish in polyester resin, polymerised at 190 ºC, after degreasing with phosphate-free nanotechnology treatment.

On request:

  • Fan prepared to transport air up to +250 ºC.
  • Stainless steel fan.

EC Centrifugal Fans.
CMP/EC-616 to 1025.
IE5 efficiency EC Technology motors.
EC CONTROL can be supplied as an optional accessory.

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