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Explosion Proof Wall Mounted Axial Fan


Sodeca Wall Mounted Axial Fans for explosive atmospheres.
Spark resistance with ATEX certification.
Fulfil the demands of European Directive ATEX 94/9/EC.
Stainless Steel version available on request.

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  • JA Redden Pte. Ltd.


  • Sheet steel casing.
  • Forward curved impeller in galvanized sheet steel.
  • Non-sparking inlet ring made of copper or aluminium.
  • Maximum temperature of air to be carried: -25 ºC +80 ºC.


  • Class F motors with ball bearings, IP55 protection. ATEX certification. Increased safety Ex ”e” or explosion proof Ex ”d”.
  • Three-phase 230/400 V 50 Hz (up to 4 kW) and 400/690 V 50 Hz (powers greater than 4 kW).
  • Working temperature: -25 ºC +50 ºC.


  • Anti-corrosive with ATEX paint, free of iron components, in polyester resin polymerized at 190 ºC, after degreasing with phosphate-free nanotechnological treatment.

On request:

  • Motors with built-in PTC.
  • Special windings for different voltages and frequencies.
  • ATEX construction for different categories.
  • Stainless steel construction.

Explosion Proof Wall Mounted Axial Fans.
Fan diameter from Ø250 to Ø1000 mm.
Ex ‘e’ or Ex ‘d’ motor.
ATEX certified.

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