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HVAC Coils (For Cooling or Heating)


Customised HVAC Coils for cooling or heating in air handlers.
Fabricate replacement coil identical to your sample.
All coils are pressure-tested, upon leaving the factory.

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  • JA Redden Pte. Ltd.


  • Fins are fabricated from either Aluminium or Copper with extruded collars to maximize heat transfer and ensure accurate fin spacing.
  • Fin surfaces are available in corrugated, sine wave or enhanced with edges that are straight or rippled.
  • Special coating, like Epoxy, Hydrophilic blue, Heresite, etc, for enhance application is available upon request.
  • Fins spacing available from 3 FPI to 20 FPI (Fin Per Inch).



  • Seamless drawn copper tubes are available in 3/8″Ø, 1/2″Ø & 5/8″Ø.
  • Grooved tubes are available upon request.



  • Standard casing with galvanized steel.
  • Stainless Steel – 304 or 316L upon request.



  • Header is fabricated from copper, galvanized steel and schedule 40 (Steam Pipe).



  • All coils are 100% leak tested under water using high pressure dry air 350-400 psig.


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