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Rotary Heat Exchanger


Ostberg Rotary Heat Exchangers.
Air-to-air energy recovery units.
Utilizes energy from the exhaust air stream
to precondition the outdoor air before your Air Handler.
Certified by Eurovent and AHRI.

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  • Casing to be used both as slide-in or as standalone casing, for direct connection to AHU or duct.
  • The housing frame is made of heavy-gauge formed sheet metal with a rigid middle beam to prevent deflection created by the air stream.
  • The unit can be made with a one piece casing (one piece rotors) up to Ø2450 mm and divided casings (sectorized rotors) up to Ø5000 mm.


Sorption Rotor:

  • Coated with molecular sieve 3Å which provide a maximum of humidity transfer capacity for minimal carry over. The high humidity efficiency is constant throughout all climate conditions.
  • Sorption rotors are especially designed for summer season cooling recovery and dehumidification of outdoor air. This substantially reduces the cooling and humidification demand of the HVAC system.
  • The rotors are either in one piece or sectorized. One piece rotor are made in diameters ranging between Ø300-2450 mm, while sectorized rotor have ranging of Ø801-5000 mm. Sectorized rotor are divided into segments that are assembled when the rotor is installed.


Purge Sector:

  • To prevent exhaust air mixing with supply air by carryover, most installations have a purge sector.
  • Its function is to flush the rotor matrix with outside air before it rotates into the supply air duct. In this way only outside air is present in the matrix and no carryover of exhaust air to supply air is possible.
  • The purge sector is located on the supply discharge side of the supply air duct.



  • Constant speed induction motors with reduction gearing are available in three-phase and single-phase versions. These are mainly used in small units and are available with outputs of 6W, 25W and 40W. The motors have class B insulation and IP54 protection ratings. The reduction gear is life-time lubricated and maintenance-free.
  • Asynchronous motors with worm gears are available in three-phase and single-phase versions. They are available with outputs between 90W and 750W. The motors have class F insulation and IP55 protection ratings. The worm gears are life-time lubricated and maintenance-free.
  • Variable speed drives are also available upon request.


Ostberg Rotary Heat Exchangers.
With a one piece casing (one piece rotors) up to Ø2450 mm
and split-casings (sectorized rotors) up to Ø5000 mm.

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