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Water Trap


Water Trap for AHU Condensate Drain
Non-return valve with built-in ping-pong ball.
Elbow can be cut to size, based on the negative pressure of your system.
Bottom cover can be easily unscrewed for cleaning of dirt and deposit.

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Model: PVX-08

Fit the water trap without the use of tools as shown in the figure above and in the following order:

A. Connect the elbow 2 to the drain pipe 1 .

B. Connect the discharge pipe 1 (32 mm o.d.) to the watertrap outlet 6.

The discharge pipe should be as short as possible and should be run with a continuous incline to a floor gully, without reduction in area. A clear space of at least 150 mm is required below the unit for the water trap.

1. Drain pipe of the unit section.

2. Elbow. Please NOTE! Cut to fit with serrated saw.

3.  Base frame or other support with a height of at least 150 mm.

4. 32 mm i.d. outlet with compression coupling.

5. Floor gully.

6. Non-return valve with cleaning cover.


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